Clash Quest is a newly released turn-based tactical strategy game developed by Supercell. It has a lot of existing characters that have been observed in the other Supercell games like Clash of clans. You get famous troops like Prince, Archers and the barbarians and also the Giants in your army.

It is a strategy fight game that gives an amazing experience to the users to enjoy all the fun they can have by playing games. Usually, people are looking forward to defeating each other when they face off against each other in their preset defences, but they don’t get successful every time when the enemy is stronger. For this, there is a new Clash Quest Hack that can help in improving the army to grow stronger and get more gems in the game account to unlock unique equipment as well.

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the Clash Quest Hack tool that can be used to get more coins and gems into the user game account to unlock new things and upgrade their troops faster to be victorious in the battles. This Clash Quest Cheat can help users to add an unlimited amount of gems into their account and make the best out of it.

clash quest hack and generator

Advantages of Using Free Clash Quest Hack

  • Users have the advantage of adding an unlimited number of gems and coins in their game account
  • It’s newly released and fresh generator tool for Clash Quest to fill the inventory with resources
  • This free generator can run on both Android and iOS devices

Steps to Use Clash Quest Generator

The following steps have been mentioned if you want to use the Clash Quest Hack tool for your game account. With these steps properly followed, you will get all the free gems and coins in your account with unlimited quantity, and you will be able to upgrade troops and your base too. Follow below

  • Open the link of the generator tool that is given
  • Enter the required info like your game username in the field given at home screen of Clash Quest Generator
  • Input the info in all the fields given
  • Also include the amount of gems and coins that you want to add in your game account
  • After you are all set by inputting the information, verify your account and then click on the Generate button given at the bottom of the generator screen
  • It may ask you for human verification, which you have to do and then wait for the generator to generate your free coins and gems for the game.
  • Open your Clash Quest game and check if the coins have been transferred. Repeat the process again and again.

In case you cant verify your game account or there is some problem for the human verification process that stops the transfer of free gems and coins in your account, then there is an alternate strategy that you can use. Here we have shared an easy and quick method through which you can verify and complete the human verification process so that you can get free gems easily in your game account.

clash quest generator

Manual Way of Human Verification

The easy steps for human verification manually have been listed below, and this method can help you pass the verification so that you can get free unlimited gems and coins in your account. Start with these steps to verify as a human manually.

  • First thing you need to do is, share the Clash Quest Hack link with others.
  • After that, it will show a “verify now” button that you have to click.
  • Some instructions will be given that you need to follow to complete the verification process.
  • After that, the process of human verification to use the generator is completed, and the generator will work for your account without a problem.

Features of Clash Quest Hack

Following are the features that this hack provides to the users to make the best out of the game and get stronger. We have explained each feature in detail for your ease and understanding.


This hack tool for Clash Quest is very fast and provides a quick way of easy transfer of coins and gems into your game directly. You just have to make a few clicks and poof! It’s done. You don’t have to worry about waiting for long hours so that the generator will process the unlimited coins for you. It’s simple and quick as a blink of an eye. After generating, you can quickly turn on your game to see the changes.

Up to Date

This is the latest and updated Clash Quest Generator that has new looks and a fast and responsive design. You don’t have to worry about any bugs or errors while using this generator, as it doesn’t have any third party interruptions while generating the gems for you. Experts keep on updating this tool every month.


You may think that the Clash Quest Cheats tool is not safe, and you may get banned, or your data and privacy may be shared with any third party. But it’s not true as this generator is made for safe use only for the users who want to generate free coins and gems. No info is shared anywhere, and there is no chance of the game account being hacked through this generator tool.


The interface of Clash Quest Generator is simple and easy to understand. Everything is provided at the home screen to make it more user friendly as there are no extra ads or extra options that direct you to a new link or page.


The best thing about this generator is that you get to use Clash Quest Hack free of any charges or cost. It is free for everyone who is playing the Clash Quest game. You don’t have to pay any amount to use the tool. You can easily make the best out of it by getting free gems and coins into your game account without having to pay any money from your account.